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Our goal is simple, deal with one company, save money, save time, save headaches. Prices increase when you have one company make the shower door and another install it. Direct Shower Door is the only company you deal with from start to finish. This way you get the most for your money. Why have an installer add 20% to your shower door enclosure because he doesn't manufacture it. Why take the risk of finger pointing, intaller blaming the manufacturer or vice versa. If you want your shower enclosure done right, from manufacturing to install, call Direct Shower Door. Best quality, best price, no headaches.
We Measure, manufacture and right now your installation is FREE! Right now, we are paying the licensed installer for your installation. Service outside these areas is an additional charge. For a free estimate call one of our 5 locations:

Las Vegas (702) 940-6573
Milwaukee (414) 755-2910
North Jersey (908) 864-0052
Philadelphia (215) 279-9309
Santa Clara (408) 907-6923